Hi Friends,

We have a framework, It conatins Driver and SubDriver,OR,Testcases(.xls files)

When we executed testcases, Its traversing all the rows in the testcase, If the object is not identified in the application its showing popup window message as object not identified with 'Stop' 'Skip' 'Retry' 'Debug' buttons. If i click on next button in popup window QTP exit from the textcases but its not traversing to next step
Here is the code we have used in Driver
RunAction "SubDriver [SubDriver]", oneiteration,strFileName,strDataLoc,strObjRep,strS tatus

If we use the below mentioned code in Driver then ,if we click on 'Next' button in popup window, instead of its navigating to next step its navigating to First step of the test case
RunAction "SubDriver [SubDriver]", alliterations,strFileName,strDataLoc,strObjRep,str Status

Could you please tell the solution to navigating to next step in a testcase if we click on 'Next' button in popup window.

Here is the settings for Driver and SubDriver:
Driver: File->Settings->Run->one iteration only
SubDriver:File->Settings->Run->Run all iterations

Note: Its working fine without framework, But we are getting the problem when we are using in Framework