We earlier had our automation scripts running on QTP 10 with Windows XP & IE6 version with no issues.
Recently our company upgraded to IE8 version. Now the script stops at certain areas.
I checked the objects and they have changed. So modified the script with the new objects but still it does'nt help. Added the objects to Repository, but it doesn't recognise.
For ex: earlier the object properties for the below were like this:

If Browser("Browser").Window("regexpwndtitle:= -- Web Page Dialog ").Page("title:=Global Reinsurance Home.*").Frame("name:=ButtonBarFrame").WebButton(" name:=Validate").Exist(0) Then
blnREMValidateButtonExists = True Exit Do
End IF

Now for the same object the properties have changed as below. Added these new objects to the Repository also but it doesn't identify

If Browser("Browser").Window("regexpwndtitle:=Global Reinsurance Home Page [] -- Webpage Dialog").Page("title:=Global Reinsurance Home Page []").Frame("name:=ButtonBarFrame").WebButton("name:= Validate").Exist(0) Then
blnREMValidateButtonExists = True
Exit Do
End IF
Can anyone suggest me how to fix this. The above is an example, i am facing this issue mainly on child screens (from the main application when clicked on any specific button/link, we get the child screen). I can provide more details.
Please help me solve this..Thanks!