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    Failing IF Statement

    Why or how can an IF statement fail

    Here is the Script:

    IF Browser("IE").Page("Systima").WebList("name:=Contr actStep1_.*.__relatedEquipmentQuoteId").EXIST THEN
    Browser("IE").Page("Systima").WebList("name:=Contr actStep1_.*.__relatedEquipmentQuoteId").Select "#1"
    END IF

    Attached is a Screen Shot
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Failing IF Statement

    Try to get the items from the list and see if you get any result first,
    br().pg().weblist().getroproperty("all items")

    A Msgbox should display all the items in the list.

    If the Msgbox does not give you a result, try listobj=br().page().weblist().object
    listobj.select "list item name here"


    I build applications to test applications.

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    Re: Failing IF Statement

    What does that error have to do with your IF statement?

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    Re: Failing IF Statement

    Yep, you are right.

    Typo error.


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    Re: Failing IF Statement

    Like I mentioned it was a Typo error.

    Yes Resolved.

    Thanks again.



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