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    Need code for right clickng java tree

    Hi All,

    I am facing one problem there is java tree and i need to right click and need to select value from that menu

    please find the attached also


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    Re: Need code for right clickng java tree

    attaching screen shot also
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    Re: Need code for right clickng java tree

    when i am recording below code is displaying. but i am again running the script it is throwing error.

    Please help me to resolve this problem and tell what need to be done for right cliking the java tree

    JavaWindow("cSONTest1-1002 - CM Editor").JavaTree("AutoScrollJTree").Click 169,1814,"RIGHT" JavaWindow("cSONTest1-1002 - CM Editor").JavaMenu("Assign Template...").Select


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    Re: Need code for right clickng java tree


    you can try to get the coordinates of the entry you wish to rightclick via
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>dim rect, x, y
    set rect = JavaWindow(...).JavaTree(...).Object.getPathBounds (&lt;path&gt
    x = rect.x
    y = rect.y</pre><hr />
    (see java api)

    than you can perfom a rightclick to that location and select the desired menu
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>JavaWindow(...).JavaTree(...).click(x, y, "RIGHT")
    JavaWindow(...).JavaMenu("Assign Template...").select()
    </pre><hr />

    i didn't try it, but it should work like this.



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