To all,

I am using QTP 11 and PuTTY along with the TE add-in record some tests. The telnet server I am connecting to is not compatable to the hllapi standard. It is connecting with the VT100 protocol. I have set the QTP TE add-in to use the PRconfigured PuTTY settings. As I am recording text only I have the following 2 object types to work with:


The problem I am having is that I am able to record the tests but upon trying to run the tests after the initial appearence of the telnet screen QTP will not recognize the
TeWindow("TeWindow").TeTextScreen("TeTextScreen" object as being in the OR. I have checked and it is there and nothing changes even if I add the object again. I have looked for any other people having this problem and only found one other instance that is similar to my problem but it is on another forum and had no answer given.

The issue only occurs in the first couple lines of the code if I stop the test and re-run in the debug from step mode the object is identified and the test seems to proceed normally.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or can anyone point me in the correct direction to find the help I need.



QTP 11
QC 10
Windows XP SP3