We faced an object identification issue in spreadsheet control (Object spy identified as spreadsheet).As per HP support, downloaded QTP java extensibility addin and used QTP Plugin in Eclipse IDE.

In Eclipse, We cannot view the spreadsheet class in class control displayed in the 'Custom Toolkit tree' section of 'Custom Class Selection' window.Step to craete this 'Quick test custom support class' (New-> other->QuickTestProfessional).Other classes are listed there.
But we are able to see the spreadsheet class in the Project Explorer of Eclipse IDE.

The reason as per help is that it is not the extension of java.awt.Component or org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Widget, as a properitary software is also used for all of applications which is built on Java. Is it possible to extend qtp support for this spreadsheet control developed using software like this?

Can anyone help on this?

Used QTP version : 10
Eclipse version: 3.4
Thanks in advance.