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    How to make ObjExcel a global?

    I create/open or save a objExcel within a function within a function, and then use the objExcel throughout my testing. How do I set up my excel objExcel to be global?
    Thx for the help ;-)

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    Re: How to make ObjExcel a global?

    Declare variable using <font color="red">'Dim'</font> in a functional library file (vbs,qlf,txt) and associate that file to your test.

    Dim objExcel


    Not sure, but you may use Enviroment varialbes too

    <font color="green">'To set</font>
    Environment("ExcelObject").Value = objExcel

    <font color="green">'To get</font>
    Set objExcel = Environment("ExcelObject").Value
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    Re: How to make ObjExcel a global?

    Also search for Singleton Pattern.

    Anshoo Arora
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