I have a QTP script for a mainframe screen. It is a pretty large file that I validate a few times a years. It takes over night to run. On occasion the script will through a RUN Error which is
"The operation cannot be performed.
Line (219): "TeWindow("TeWindow").TeScreen("ADM").SetText 2,2, "CR01"". "

I also see Unspecified Error and cannot identify object errors. I have done the screen prints when this happens but I see no errors on the screen itself. It appears to be correct.
This script will validate around 2,000 records. The script had been running with no issues for 2-3 hours. When the first error occurred. This morning when the script completed I received 80 errors. The last time I ran it I had 0. The script has not changed and neither has the screen. As soon as it occurs a few rows later it will suddenly find the objects again and go on it's merry way.

I had thought it was a response time issue but I do not think it is. The developers do not think it is a region issue and I am not sure what too ask them to look for.

Any ideas on why this could be occurring? Anyways to prevent it or even track it? I would rather not slow the script down as it seems like that will not help.