I am using QTP 11 with a Web Plugin, and I noticed some strange behavior with the program getting data from my local data sheet all of a sudden, and eventually figured out why.

I have a couple of tests, and one of the big ones in the middle of the flow has a local data sheet with some rows. While building this test suite, I commonly debugged it by executing a small subset of steps, usually using the command "Run/Debug from Step", by right-clicking on the step to start from. I also wanted to work with some particular rows in my local date sheet, essentially skipping the first few, by modifying the Action Call Properties, and say running rows 3 to 3.

Problem and Solution
Well I found that having the test run was fine, but I just wanted to work that that one particular action, without running the ones before it. Also, right-clicking the action and saying Run from Action worked as well. But every time I said Run or Debug from Step, it would run the first row.
After testing some extreme subtleties, I found that this differs whether I'm in Keyword or Expert view. If I run that "... from Step" action in the right-click context menu in Keyword View, it would correctly read my 'Action Call Properties" I had set to only run the third iteration and it's matching values in the local data sheet, but if I had clicked that Step action in Expert View, it would just run the first iteration and take those values, incorrectly.
This is also different from my idea that this was a peculiarity between Running and Debugging some steps, which was a solution to another problem.

So this is for anyone else's reference. I would like to know why this happens, if there's any way to change this, and are there any more small differences in the program like this that I should expect? Because at this point I consider it a bug, as it should always read those properties.