So I am testing to see if we can run our Web application using QTP10 in internet explorer 9.

And for what I am doing it appears to work. I may get bitten later of course.

Issues I have had to deal with:

1. The authentication dialog used to come up and appear in the Object repository as been inside a Browser Object.
On IE9 the authentication dialog is inside a Window object of regexpclass “Alternate Modal Top Most”.
Modifing the script accordinly allowed me to log into my web application.

2. Browser("Browser").GetROProperty("application version") used to report things like "internet explorer 6" for IE6. But under IE9 it is reporting "undefined". But this is OK. I just test for Browser("Browser").GetROProperty("application version") ="undefined" to check if I am running against IE9.

Appart from those two issues my (simple) web application runs fine with QTP10 inside IE9.

Does anyone have any thing that they think I need to worry about with QTP10 and IE9 ?