Hi ,I tried to parameterize Description property name for one of the Test object "q" (class-webedit) in tsr file

First I copied the the test object to local
Next Selected parameter as Test/Action parameter and parameter name "user" which I added in Edit->Action properties-Input parameters

Finally clicked Export and replace local objects

Now the same parameter is getting displayed in OR Manager "Manage Repository parameters" submenu.
earlier I added 2 repository parameters "Test1","Test2" using add button in "Manage Repository parameters" window

Next I navigated to "Map Repository parameter" window ,where the above 3 parameters are displayed
My understandng is it gets the parameters from 2 different windows local repository -Value configuration option window
and OR Manager "Manage Repository parameters" window

under which situation user should parametrize using Value configuration option window
and under which scenario whe should use to add parameter using "Manage Repository parameters" because in both cases it is displaying in Manage repository parameters window.???

And regarding mapping repository parameters,I have checked this link as how to map OR

It says
"If in your shared object repository you need to parameterize some object identification value then you use Parameters in the shared object repository. You cannot directly map these parameters to a Environment, or DataTable parameter etc...
So when you actually associate the object repository to your test you have a chance to map these object repository parameters to one of the parameters from your test.
In my case i have associated the tsr to my test where "User" ,test1,Test2 are the repsitory parameters
displayed in "Map repository parameters window".

Now how should I map the repository parameters to my parameter in the test.

Any workfow end to end practical example or presentation will definitely help for better understanding Manage and mapping repository parameters.