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    Clarification required on GetROProperty

    Hi ,
    I am new to SQA Forums.I have gone through the forum and found it extremely good
    Had a clarification.Hope this forum will help me to get solution for it.
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>RepositoriesCollection.Add("C:Google.tsr")
    set oTest=browser("Google").Page("Google").WebEdit("q" )
    oTest.SetTOProperty "Name","Testing"
    msgbox oTest.GetTOProperty ("name")
    msgbox oTest.GetROProperty ("name")
    </pre><hr />
    For the above code - 1st msgbox displayed Testing,2nd msgbox took some time and displayed q (not sure why that delay is happening everytime)

    As per definition from Quick Test Professional reference,SetTOProperty changes the property values used to identify an object during the test run

    If above is the rule as "Testing" is being set during runtime for the test object and it is just a temporary instance which is not stored in OR ,shouldnt the same value being returned for GetROProperty as well? Please clarify if I went wrong in my logic.

    Also is there by any chance I can get the methods listed in the dropdown for new object "oTest" (enable intellisense)?


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    Re: Clarification required on GetROProperty

    From help

    [/ QUOTE ] Important Information
    GetTOProperty differs from the GetROProperty method. <u>GetTOProperty</u> returns the value from <u>the test object's description</u>. <u>GetROProperty</u> returns <u>the current property value</u> of the object in the application during the test run.

    You can use the <u>GetTOProperty</u> method to retrieve the values of only those properties that are included in <u>the test object description</u> . Specifying a property that is <u>not</u> included in <u>the test objectís description</u> results in a warning status for the step and the test.

    [/ QUOTE ]



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