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    Launching QTP without QC Connection

    Hi Guys,

    Currently I have QTP setup to connect to QC automatically when opened. THis is normally fine however the QC Server has gone down. What I'm finding is when lauching QTP it get stuck on the QC connect and won't timeout so I can open without the connection.
    I've tried launching via VBS and it still trys to connect. Is there away to launch QTP without the QC connection. I have tried the standard code below

    Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")qtApp.Launch
    qtApp.Visible = True



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    Re: Launching QTP without QC Connection

    can you check your vbs/other files are pointing to QC?
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    Re: Launching QTP without QC Connection

    I don't know of a way to stop QTP trying to connect to QC if you have it setup to automatically connect (there will be an saved value in RegEdit just donít know what it is)

    NOTE - QTP will timeout trying to connect to QC, just it is a really long timeout

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    Re: Launching QTP without QC Connection

    You can avoid QTP connecting QC every time. For that you need to Launch QTP and Click on QC Icon present in the Menu. Than Uncheck the option "Reconnect to Server on Startup". After this , make a clean exit of the QTP application. Now you rerun your VBS script. it will launch QTP without connecting to QC.

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    Re: Launching QTP without QC Connection

    One other way is to handle the code to connect to QC using the vbs file. You can check for the active QC connection and connect using the QCUtil object.
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    Re: Launching QTP without QC Connection

    @Gavin & Bear, Try this.

    Modify the mic.ini file in this location C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin.

    Find the Section named [TestDirector_ActiveUser] and do the following changes.

    TDUserName=USERNAME -> The logged in user name
    LoginAutomatically=0 -> This will be 1 for autologon. Change it to 0
    ReconnectToDB=0 -> Same as above. Change it to 0
    ReconnectToServer=0 -> Same as above. Change it to 0

    Save the ini file and Open QuickTest.



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