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    reference to datatable

    Hello All I have the following scenario:
    Script 1 and Script 2 run one after other through QC. RunTestSet (RunAll) option.
    Script 1 has datatable with 2 columns.

    Script 1 by itself runs fine.

    Now Script 2 has the Uninstall module which needs to refer to script1 datatable values and execute the script 2.

    Please advise as how i can refer in script 2 code to refer Script 1 datatable.

    In script 2 i have the following:

    appName = DataTable("app_Name", dtGlobalSheet) (but would like to refer to script 1 which has
    appName = DataTable("app_Name", "Version 1.0")

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


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    Re: reference to datatable

    There are multiple ways :

    1. Either create actions and call Action 1 in Action 2 and use its resources.
    2. Import Data sheet of Test 1 in Test 2 temporarily use the data.
    3. Create excel object and read the data from Test 1 data sheet.



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