For all you advanced QTP coders, what are your thoughts on using BPT?

Some things to consider:

1. Does BPT constrict you from using real cool code that you've used before? How so and what code? and does that slow you down from making good code? Is you code not as good if you didn't have to use BPT?

2. Does BPT run just as fast as QTP by itself? I heard it is faster that before v11.

3. Can it return multiple values like in arrays or when using "CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")"?

4. Can you create a framework that makes it just as easy for non technical testers/business peope to create QTP test cases? And is it just as good or better?

5. Is BPT the way to go so that non techincal people can help us create more test cases?

6. Do manual testers even have time to use BPT when they don't even have enough time to finish their manual testing?

For #4, I think I created something just as good and even better. Especially now that things like the script Editor displays all the functions listed in alphabetical order making it easy to find and see available functions.

my functions are named after screen shots of the screen the function works in (each timeyou run the function, it takes a screen shot - good to see AUT version differences). This makes it easy to see if the function is right for the AUT screen.

1 function is used to do anything and everything on the screen.

Function libraries contain multiple examples on how to use the functions. So one could just copy and paste the example that works best for them, and then replace values with their own values.

"IF" one can create a pretty decent automation framework, is BPT that great?

I think mine is pretty good. I call it "PPT" (Peter Process Testing [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] ) But I am sure some of you have created ones that are much easier to use and implement. I am curious to hear about it. I am also curious to hear from many who think BPT is the best for non techincal people to use.

I did search but didn't find any one thread that had a long list of answers so I thought this one could be a continuous thread updated over time.