Currently I am working on SilverLigh Automation using QTP with the below configurations,

1) QTP 10.0 with QTPWEB_00044 Patch
2) Silverlight Version 3.5

With the help of above configuration, Silverlight Automation is going smooth, but now we have a plan of converting our existing application to SilverLight 4.0 from SilverLight 3.5 without disturbing the functionality of the application.

I have a couple of questions on upgrading SilverLight 3.5 to SilverLight 4.0,

a) Does QTP 10 support SilverLight 4 Automation Support with the same Patch (QTPWEB_00044) or do we have exclusive patch from mercury for SilverLight 4.0 Support?

b) I hope, the existing scripts which we developed in Silverlight 3.5 using QTP 10 can be used/executed without any changes in SilverLight 4.0 version of the application using the version of the QTP which supports Silverlight 4.0 right?

If any of you guys experienced this kind of scenario, please share your experience/thoughts on this. Also, please share the configuration (QTP Version & Patch, If required) exactly you used for the Silver Light 4.0 Automation using QTP.