I'm calling the COM class AcroAVDoc's Open method which returns a VARIANT_BOOL to indicate if the call was successful or not. Here is an example

Set acroAVDoc = CreateObject( "AcroExch.AVDoc" )
If acroAVDoc.Open( gPDFPath, "Accessing PDF's" ) Then
'do something
End If

I've run across a situation in which the method detects the file to be in invalid format and cannot be opened (a zero-byte file would fit this category). The call correctly returns FALSE indicating that it could
not open the file. However, it does so only AFTER displaying a dialog box that the user has to first dismiss by pressing the OK button.

Is there any way to use the automation objects such that the call to open will never generate a dialog box?
I tried using 'recovery scenario'..no luck.

Thanks for your help.