I thought I would post an outline of my solution since I have used this forum for the past 2.5 years and have found MANY solutions to my problems!!!! Here is an outline of how QTP can successfully execute SoapUI tests without a plugin:
1) QTP script creates CMD shell
2) QTP issues command line for testrunner.bat (which comes with the SoapUI open source). How to use the command line and testrunner.bat arguments (specify project, test set, test name) can be found on the SoapUI website.
3) Use the -r option for a report summary with testrunner.bat.
4) Pipe the output of testrunner.bat to a file (similar to how you do it in Unix)
5) In the output file parse for "0 failed"...if so then the test passed, else it failed.
6) QTP sets pass/fail info with reporter object.

I got fancy and parsed the output file and captured the test summary in micInfo reporter event statements. If the script is run from QC, you can add code to attach the output file to the test lab execution instance using QC OTA.

Not sure if this will help everyone/anyone but it might give you an idea of what to do in your own situation.