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    JPEG Picture insertion in the Word by QTP


    I need to prepare the ID card in the below mentioned template for one of our project requirement, Please help me on the below query (whether we can do this automate insertion of JPEG pictures with the help of QTP in a word document.Please find below details.

    Company Logo

    Respective delegate picture/photo will come here (center)

    Name: XXX
    Registration ID: 1111
    Contact Number: 4224123


    We have maintained an XLS, from there we can get the details of the Sr. No., Call Name and Mobile Number. The picture will be stored in the separate location and file name to each individual /delegate picture will be same XLS serial number column value in Excel work book.

    Imagine XLS file name will be given data .xls

    Sl No. Name Contact Number
    1111 XXX 4224123
    1212 pqr 1212212

    We are able to retrieve above information in page by page with the help of word mail merging feature (above format), apart from the picture insertion. HENCE CAN WE PERFORM AUTOMATION OF Picture insertion WITH THE HELP OF QTP.

    Please let me know in case you need any further clarification.

    Thank you so much for you helps.


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    Re: JPEG Picture insertion in the Word by QTP


    Check this.

    strFilePath = "C:\Temp\Sample.doc"
    Set Word = CreateObject ("Word.Application")
    Word.Visible = True
    Set Doc = Word.Documents
    Doc.Open strFilePath

    Set WordDoc = Word.ActiveDocument
    Set Shape = WordDoc.Shapes

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    Re: JPEG Picture insertion in the Word by QTP

    No need for QTP, you would just use windows built in OLE automation.


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    Re: JPEG Picture insertion in the Word by QTP

    Thansk for your response.

    I have seen below link,but i'm not sure on how i can use it.


    Kindly guide me, please


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    Re: JPEG Picture insertion in the Word by QTP

    Save it code in vbs file and execute it.



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