I've been looking at different reporting options at some of the client sites I've been working, and have come up with something I wish to share with the community.

I have published a simple prototype of an Excel report that can tell you the execution status of individual test iterations from different QTP tests within a given timeframe.

The point of this is that it's just a prototype that anyone could develop further to meet the individual needs of their project. I use a much more advanced version of this but it's heavily customised for my current project, but it has drastically reduced the time we spend analysing test results after runs, and also gives us a report that can be published out to the project team (we run around 1400 iterations).

Currently I've only been able to test it on QTP 9.2 and QC 9.2 so please let me know if there are issues with any other setups. There are a few pre-requisites needed for this that I should point out as it may not be suitable for everyone, you will need:

- A SQL username and password that has access to query your QC SQL database
- Read access to your Quality Center Repository (i.e the physical location where QC saves all of your testware)

The link and more information can be found on my blog page for this:

QTP Reporting Tool - Iteration Results Viewer

Let me know what you think