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    PDF & QTP a mismatch

    I am posting this forum after I have gone thru other posts in this forum plus also googled whatever possibly I can. In short my summary below
    - To validate PDF using QTP and that too an easy approach, then buy Adobe Acrobat Std/Pro & install it. Not an option as can't buy the s/w.
    - Convert pdf to text and then parse the text. Not an option as I have embedded pdf in browser (see attachment) and if PDF opened in another browser session, the PDF is an appication form (my case loan app) where I need to verify borrower's data and validate the data is displayed against correct field. e.g first name field has "John" and last name has "Doe"
    - Found this link but can't download it as it has antivirus find something not permissible to be downloaded. Here is the link "http://www.filestube.com/3RglNLyiOCcp0mj3fKVv8j/LearnQuickTestPDF.html"
    - Installed something called AcroQTP from Adobe site, but don't know how to use it.

    Seems like there is no way I can automate PDF content valdiation and if I am able to have it in our automation suite, then it will be great win for us. BTW does anyone know how much Adobe Acrobat pro/std version costs.I look forward to your replies.

    Thanks! in advance.
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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    [ QUOTE ]
    Convert pdf to text and then parse the text. Not an option as I have embedded pdf in browser

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Change your adobe settings to open in adobe rather than embedded.

    Preferences - Internet - Uncheck display in browser

    In order to satisfactorily test pdfs(image and text content and locations) we bought some 3rd party software.

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    If you see the attachment I have an embedded pdf object on the page. it is scrollable. I have also shown how qtp detects it. Before I approach for any 3rd party/other vendor purchase, trying to exhaust any other ways. Any other language other than VBS that can be used to validate QTP and can be called from QTP/VBS.

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    Your attachment comes up as corrupt(at least in OpenOffice).

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch


    Take a look at the Adobe Acrobat SDK License Agreement..

    I think the SDK is free.

    Details on how to deal with PDF's from AdvancedQTP forum.

    This should be pretty enough for you to get started [img]/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch


    Thanks! for your post. I already went thru path and you need Acrobat Prof version installed on your desktop. Below is cut & paste from advanced QTP forum

    [ QUOTE ]
    The Microsoft Windows version of Acrobat is an OLE Automation server. In order to use the
    OLE objects made available by Acrobat, you must have the full Acrobat product installed on
    your system!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    Yes, Sorry... Didn't notice that one. Back to [1].

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    By installation of full Acrobat Prof version do you mean "Adobe Acrobat X Pro"? It costs approx. 600 euros.... [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
    Is it possible to access at least some PDF objects using only "Adobe Acrobat SDK"? Or it's impossible at all?

    And is it possible to use "Adobe PDF Test Toolkit" for such purposes without having Acrobat Prof version installed?
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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    Hi all ,,

    I have a similar issue with PDF,I am using QTP 11,and testing a web based application and am following record and play method to record the test (as I dont have any scripting knowledge), the issue is am testing the aknowlegment part an application which is in PDF Format,every thing is good and fine until the aknowledgement part arives, once u r in this part internet explorer leaves funcioning and system gets hanged,on the other hand if i open and run the application manually with QTP off it runs smoothly with PDF opening and all ....

    Hoping a helping hand from the gurus....

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: PDF & QTP a mismatch

    Without scripting knowledge you won't be able to add checkpoints... and modify the test flow according to your needs. Simple playback it's not enough for verification....
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