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    Datacenter Server Validations using QTP

    Hi All,

    I am currently in the process of evaluating QTP as a tool for performing automated Datacenter Server Validations (on various boxes - Windows, ESX, Red Hat, and Solaris)

    The aim to check the Datacenter validations & environment design post regular upgrades/migrations.

    Please provide any pointers which could help on this. Also in case, there is a better tool than QTP for performing these tasks, please let me know.


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    Re: Datacenter Server Validations using QTP

    Though QTP had add-ins for few such interfaces, however you need to check it with respective terminals by POC.

    Generally,It is always better to use native shell to perform automation e.g. shell scripts,perl, power shell etc.
    Kind regards,
    Anand Tambey

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