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    Hi All,

    So I'm using the ExitTestIteration function in QTP and my assumption is that if certain condition is not met, ExitTestIteration will exit that run and move on to next data row. But it is actually stopping the entire test just like ExitTest does.

    How can I just exit that one test iteration and then re-start test from next row on-wards.


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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    Try using ExitActionIteration, this would move the control to the next row. I would like to know, how many actions do you have and where exactly are you calling the data from the external file.

    Please update me, if this works.
    Ganesh Iyer
    Winds of Change

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    Well that is not the case. It should only exit the iteration. A sample test attached which demonstrates the same

    But it is in QTP 11 format
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    The ExitTestIteration statement will exit the current test iteration and move on to the next iteration, only if you have more than one row in the Global data sheet.

    If you are not using the Global data sheet or if there is only one row, then it will exit the test.

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    @Ganesh..Thanks "ExitActionIteration" works just fine. I have 3 actions and all my data comes from localSheets.

    @Tarun / RajKumar.. Thanks for your responses. Looks like ExitTestIteration didn't work because I had no data in GlobalSheet.

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    @Ganesh.. For some odd reason, now it is running two iterations instead of one. Basically I have 5 rows of data in localSheet. I would expect it to run one iteration on each one of those rows but instead it ran it twice. Any suggestions why?

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    What is your Test Run iteration setting and Globalsheet row count?

    What is your Action Run iteration setting?

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    Yeah, make sure your settings aren't set to run only 2 iterations.

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    Re: ExitTestIteration

    Just check the options -> Run settings. Make sure the radio buttons Run iterations on all rows is selected. Do not select the start and end iteration numbers in the same dialog.
    Ganesh Iyer
    Winds of Change



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