Am using a Evaluation version of QTP 11 to identify if it works for window Based JAVA application.

My application make use of SWT Nebulla Widgets and QTP is only identifying a Java Object but not all the objects within Class "SWT_Window".
To solve this issue I tried to use SWT extensibility option of QTP 11.
There are some built in extension files in installation path of QTP i.e. c:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin\java\classes\builtin

I copied those files to c:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin\java\classes\extension.

NOW I can see this extension(SWT) on starting QTP 11 when add inn window appears on start up, However SWT objects are not getting identified, neither Object Identification option in Tools showing any Test Object classes for SWT.

I can see all these classes are lying there in mic.jar which is common for all the addins.

QTP do have a help in the form of QuickTest Java Add-in Extensibility Tutorial but thats more of creating SWT extension from scratch. Do somebody have idea about QTP 11 Extensibility, and tell me accurate steps to add SWT Extension and how can I make use of In build XML(SWT.xml)????