Hello. I have problems with WPF-applications, Spy cannot recognize objects for a long period. For example, when I clicked on the hand of Spy then Spy can recognize(when I move my mouse) one object, then second, third and then QTP hangs the PC (or appeared error - memory cannot be read 0x00000), or when the hand is on the object some seconds then after click or before it just appeared blank window instead of all my WPF-browser-application. I think it's problem with PresentationHost.exe process, because when I kill it - QTP continues to work normal, or sometimes this process disappears(destroys). I tried on another PC - the same problem. How to solve this issue? (with other applications, for example, SilverLight 3.0, QTP works normal)

QTP 11.0 trial, .NET FW 4.0, WPF-browser-application, Internet Explorer 8.0, Windows XP Add-ins, that I plugged-in - .NET+Web+WPF+Silverlight

I have another topic on this forum, I think its connected with this problem: