Is it possible to use QTP to interact with an application using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)? We have an internal application that was written with the ability to receive and send messages through DDE. We have another internal application that was written in Visual Basic that works great with this method. However, since VBA does not have the built in ability to use DDE that VB does, I have not been able to use that process to interact with the target application.

The onlne documentation for DDE is terrible, so I haven't been able to figure out how to make VBA and QTP use DDE. I have been able to use the example in the QTP Help to interact with Notepad, but it doesn't use interact with the Initiate/Initialize and Send methods that I need to use.

Has anyone ever tried to make VBA/QTP work with DDE? If so, were you successful? Any one have simple, coomplete sample scripts they could share? Any other ideas on how we could do this as a last resort? Maybe even a VB application as an intermediary?

Thank you for your thoughts!