I just staterd working on the silverlight application automation using QTP 10.0. I have installed the web 2.0 patch (QTPWEB_00044) which provides the silverlight support for QTP 10.0.

On the successfull installation and with the required add-ins, I am able to identify the silverlight objects such as window(SlvWindow), Editbox(SlvEdit), Button(Slvbutton) and so on.,

But in our application, in a particular page,we have a complete tree contron view which is identified just as slvobject wherever we spy in that page and nothing is getting recorded in QTP when we perform any operations in the tree contro view, most of the time , application is also getting crashed and closed.(Application crash is happening only when we record(in QTP) and perform any operation especially in the tree view control alone.)

Please let me know if any of you faced the above issue and the possible resolutions if available.

Example of Operation performed in tree contol view is Add Root/child menu ,edit and delete Root/Child menu.

Note : Following are the add-ins and application information,

Add-Ins Used

1) Web
2) .NET
3) Activex
4) WPF->Silverlight

Application version

1) Silvelight Version - 3.0