Dear All,
Currently I am facing issue while trying to Insert a Call to an External action using relative path . The test is stored in QC.

Issue Desc:
The Absolute path of the file is :
[QualityCenter] Subject\Test Automation\PRS Automation\Final Scripts\New_Enhancements 4.6\Regression\Scripts\Dispensed Rx Monthly

Relative Path:
The path for all scripts is common till Final scripts folder. Hence I wish to use relative path till Final Scripts in the Select Action dialog box.
The relative Path which I tried to use is
..\..\..\..\New_Enhancements 4.6\Regression\Scripts\Dispensed Rx Monthly

I am getting an error message "Cannot access the selected Test or Selected Test Not Found".

I even tried again after adding the path "[QualityCenter] Subject\Test Automation\PRS Automation\Final Scripts" in Tools-Folder Options.

I am not sure what mistake I am doing here. Can anybody kindly help me here. Let me know if you require screenshots, I shall attach it as requested.