I am currently testing OracleForms using QTP, I would like to know how to get the Background color of an OracleTextField using QTP, Currently i am using the following code which is not working

Set OFW = Description.Create()
OFW("short title").Value = "JAMF0130"

Set OTR = Description.Create()
OTR("label").Value = "Projects Info"

uc=OracleFormWindow(OFW).OracleTabbedRegion(OTR).O racleTextField("description:=UnitsComp.","index:=0 ").GetROProperty ("background")
msgbox uc

msgbox displays blank value

i tried GetROProperty("Bgcolor")
GetRoProperty("Backgroundcolor") But nothing is working for me.

When i spy the object using gui spy it is not showing the Backgroundcolor property

Please help me at the earliest