I encounter the following error when exporting a datatable sheet.

Error Number: -2147467259
Error description: A general error occurred while exporting sheet C:\Test_Status_Report_19_Oct_2010_UAT.xls to file CheckSpecificConnections.

v_OutputExcelSheet = "C:\Test_Status_Report_19_Oct_2010_UAT.xls"
v_SheetName = "CheckSpecificConnections"
DataTable.ExportSheet v_OutputExcelSheet, v_SheetName

It is really weird because on the error description, it seems to interchange the sheet name and filename.

I checked the ExportSheet syntax from the Help file and the
Syntax is:
DataTable.ExportSheet(FileName, DTSheet)

I am sure that I used the function correctly so I am clueless what is causing this error.