Hello guys,

I'm in charge of the maintenance of some QTP scripts that execute several DTS stored in a server with SQL Server 2000. The development team is going to migrate to SQL Server 2005 and they have asked me to implement the required changes to these scripts. For what I've seen, this means that now, instead of DTS I'll have to execute SSIS with Windows Authentication. Anyone of you guys know how this will impact my scripts? I guess the code I'm using now will not work anymore, and I'll need to find out the VBS object for SSIS...

Below you can see the kind of code used to create and launch my DTS:

Set oPkg = CreateObject("DTS.Package")
oPkg.LoadFromSQLServer msDTSServer,msDTSUser,msDTSPwd,DTSSQLStgFlag_Defau lt,"","","",msDTSPkg

I'll really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance!