In my organization we use rich amount flex and flash components for development of RIA applications. The applications are built using Flex Builder (and contains code of Action Script 2 and 3 versions). Now we are in the process of automating those applications using QTP.

We can automate some part of application where it uses only Flex components. But our application uses some third party controls like Fusion charts and ExtJS components in the flash applications. At this point in time the Adobe add-in for QTP does not facilitate in recognizing the components. It just treats every object as 'WebElement' (QTP's generic detection) which does not allow me to script on specific object.

I came across the Web Extensibility feature provided by the QTP. Its really awesome the way QTP has given flexibility to extend their current functionality. But it do does not serve my problem.

I tried few of the examples and successfully extended the capabilities of QTP to recognize some of the web toolkits components (I tried DOJO Progressbar control).

Few questions for me regarding QTPs Support:

1)Will it be possible to extend functionality of QTP in recognizing the flash components apart from the custom web controls or is there any other way.

2)Are there any plug-ins (add-ins) from QTP to support those controls(Fusion Charts)

I will very much thankful to you if you can guide me in this aspect.