I have two machines having QTP10 installations. And I have a .NET application to test.

There is an an Outlook Tab type control in the application.

When i record clicks on that object from Machine A:

SwfWindow("ABC").SwfObject("explorerBar").SetActiv eGroup "Admin Tool"
SwfWindow("ABC").SwfObject("explorerBar").SetActiv eGroup "Main"

which is expected and is working fine.

Machine B:
But when i try to repeat the behavior on the other machine i get the following code:

SwfWindow("ABC").SwfObject("explorerBar").Click 136,770
SwfWindow("ABC").SwfObject("explorerBar").Click 124,716

It is not identifying the correct method to fire.

Both system have the .Net Addin.

I am unable to spot out the issue.

Difference i could identify is that:

Machine B which is not working as expected have two add ins JAVA, SAP extra as compared to the Machine A working as expected. (.NET, Active X, Visual basic, Web, Web Services, WPF.)

Anyone who faced the similar problem.

I cannot reinstall the QTP10 as it is done by client side and we are working on VMWare Machines on RDCs...

Thanks in advance....