Browser("Yahoo!").Page("Yahoo!").WebEdit("p").Chec kProperty "name", micRegExpMatch("A.*T")

This will return T/F based on RE match but issue:
1. I have to repeat code for every webEdit item using it's name
2. cannot Parameterize the RE

I tried parameterizing micRegExpMatch("A.*T")using data table but it fails as it no longer recognizes it as RE

I was trying to use childobject concept and try this

Set oDesc = Description.Create()
oDesc("micclass").Value = "WebEdit"
Set coll = Browser("Yahoo!").Page("Yahoo!").ChildObjects(oDes c)
If coll.checkproperty "name", micRegExpMatch ("T.*A")Then
End If

But I get expected statement excpetion on If coll.checkproperty "name", micRegExpMatch ("T.*A")Then
looks like I cannot do col.checkproperty
Please help