This is first time I am automating SAP application, I Installed SAP Add-in for automating the SAP application.
SAP application details are as follows:
Portal : NetViewer Portal
Developed Languages : ABAP and Java

My problem:

1. Capturing DropDown:
I tried to capture dropdown object with Object repository but it shows as 2 WebEdit(TextBoxes). one for to set the value and one for selecting the drop down. I tried to set the value for the first WebEdit but it shows as Object is disabled.

2.Inserting the value to the text box. Probelm is while Inserting the value to the text box it is displaying as Object is disabled(This problem exist only for one text box in the application. I have used the following code for enabling the text box and inserting the value as follows:

Browser("V").Page("V").SAPFrame("V").WebEdit("t"). Object.disabled = False
Browser("Vedlikehold tidsdata -").Page("Vedlikehold tidsdata").SAPFrame("Vedlikehold tidsdata").WebEdit("txtLeaveType").Click
Browser("V").Page("V").SAPFrame("V").WebEdit("t"). Set strLeaveType

But still it is not working.

Please help me on above 2 problems