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    Capture the Red color text from web table

    I need your help for writing function; where the QTP will store text in a variable for the row with text in RED color.

    More info -
    The web table contain rows with text with RED and BLACK colors
    BLACK color is indicating task is complete
    RED color is indicating task is incomplete

    Please note - I am talking about the color for the text and not background color.

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    Re: Capture the Red color text from web table

    Try this......

    Set objTable = Browser("micClass:=Browser").Page("micClass:=Page" ).WebTable("html id:=tblTest")

    Set objDesc = Description.Create
    objDesc("html tag").Value = "TD"
    Set arrTDs = objTable.ChildObjects(objDesc)
    Set objTable = Nothing
    Set objDesc = Nothing

    For intIndex = 0 To arrTDs.Count - 1
    Print arrTDs(intIndex).GetROProperty("innertext") & " : " & arrTDs(intIndex).Object.CurrentStyle.color

    Set arrTDs = Nothing
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