I hope someone can help me out with this problem cause i am sure the solution will be quite simple.

Whats happening is that there are four javatables on a screen and when i use the command set

JavaWindow("Capture").JavaInternalFrame("Entry | New ").JavaTable("REJTable$1").SetCellData(0.0."Accoun t")

This command works fine sometimes, or it fails, hence i need an alternative command, so i started exploring the object methods and have identifed the following.

JavaWindow("Capture").JavaInternalFrame("Entry | ").JavaTable("REJTable$1").Object.getModel().setva lueat datatable.Value("A",dtglobalsheet),0,0

msgbox JavaWindow("Capture").JavaInternalFrame("Entry |").JavaTable("REJTable$1").Object.getValueAt(0,0) .toString()

however the setvalueat is not working, the value does not get set.

There must be some method of doing this of setting value, i have checked with the following

JavaWindow("Capture").JavaInternalFrame("Entry | ").JavaTable("REJTable$1").Object.iscelleditab le 0,0 and it comes back true hence i should be able to update this cell.

Do i need to use any of the following properties .Object.fireVetoableChange

any help would be greatly appreciated.