We have decided to move all our instances of QTP to Windows 7 and have encountered an issue with IE8 and the Invalid Certificate Error. This error is causing many of our scripts to fail since this page is not expected.

Since our test servers usually do not have valid certificates we disable this on our XP machines running QTP in IE-->Tools-->Internet Options-->Security tab. These are all XP machines using IE 8.0.6.

Our new machines are Windows 7 using IE 8.0.7 and it seems that we cannot disable the certificate validations. Also, accepting and downloading the most current version of the certificate does not work since there is no valid certificates on our test servers.

So, to accommodate this Invalid Certificate page I have written a simple function and created a recovery scenario. Here is the function I used:

Function Invalid_Certificate(Object, Method, Arguments, retVal)
If Browser("Certificate Error: Navigation").Page("Certificate Error: Navigation").Exist Then
Browser("Certificate Error: Navigation").Page("Certificate Error: Navigation").Link("Continue to this website").Click
End If
End Function

This seems to work just fine and I am happy with the results. My only problem is that I have to add it to over 600 QTP scripts in the Recovery section of Test Settings. Is there an easier way for me to add this recovery scenario to all 600 test without doing each one individually? Or, does anyone know how to disable this Invalid Certificate Page in IE8 8.0.7 running on Windows 7?