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    need some help with coding for a custom check poin

    Hi I"m having some confusion on how to program for a custom check i'm trying to implement. Here is the scenario and the code i have so far and i'll post my question.

    The scenario is. 1) A user goes on web page page A an enter some information into a textbox on page A. 2) The user clicks button submits and goes to page B to verify that the information from A is correct. I want to validate what was entered into text box A for page A is is what showing up in correct on Web Page B lable/page. This is my custom check point of what i have tried to write so far but qtp keep erroring out on it.

    Check to see if what is entered is what on verification screen.
    If WebEdit("ctl00$MainContent$txtFEIN").GetROProperty (text, string) = .WebElement("FEIN").GetROProperty(type, string) Then

    Reporter.ReportEvent micPass

    End If

    My question should i create a function to do what i'm trying to do if i do how do i program to capture for when qtp is writing text into textbox for me to compare this string to what is being shown in next page.

    Thanks for any information that is given to me..
    Wilnic Marc

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    Re: need some help with coding for a custom check poin

    Your comparison can happen in the function. I have below function in my framework


    And in this case I would call it like

    CompareEqualAndReport WebEdit("ctl00$MainContent$txtFEIN").GetROProperty ("text"), sPageAValue, "Value entered on Page A and Displayed on Page B"

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    Re: need some help with coding for a custom check poin

    Tarun, thanks for your help i have further question..
    for sPageAValue- what did you equate this for your variable and did you make it public, I mean did you exp.

    Dim sPageAValue

    sPageAValue = WebElement("FEIN").GetROProperty

    Can you explain a little further regarding this page value variable, Currently i'm using a data driver to enter this page value. and the second page is displaying it as a WebElement. I hope this makes since.
    Wilnic Marc



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