We are doing a Winrunner to QTP conversion for automated test scrips previously written in WinRunner. Our existing system (Winrunner) uses QC to run the scripts. For Winrunner test scripts, QC provides us with an option of choosing the Run type (Update / Verify) in Test Properties>>Configuration section using which we are able to run scripts in the needed mode.

When doing the same using QTP scripts, we do not see any feature in the script property>> configuration to pass the Run Type from QC to QTP Test Script.

We can use Object Automation model of QTP to run the test script in Update / Verify mode. But there is a problem doing so. We want to initiate test scripts from QC, and after QTP opens with our test scripts we do not have an option to provide the Update / Verify mode Run option dynamically.

As a last resort the solution we have is keeping a VBScript which will read an excel file which will have our ?(bunch of) cases to be run and would call initiate each case by providing an Update / Verify mode from outside.

But this way, we are not triggering the cases through QC.

We wanted to know if there is a better approach than this or are we really missing anything important in QC10 and QTP for passing the Run mode when initiating script from QC.

Thanks in advance for your help [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]