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    Help Page

    I have a small problem. I wrote a code that would check if a specific word is found in the Help page of an application. Here are the steps:
    1. Type the word in workarea of the application
    2. Hit F1 for help
    3. Once you’re in the help
    4. Hit Ctrl+f to search for the word in the page.

    The problem I have is that if I do these steps manually, the word is found in the Find dialog. if I do it through QTP and once the word is typed in the Find dialog, it indicates “No Match found” but the word is in the page. All options in the Find dialog are checked (i.e, Match whole word only, Match cases, and Highlight all matches.)

    The main goal of this test is to make sure the key words in an XML file are actually in the Help page. And the reason I am using Ctrl+F after the F1 is to make sure the page does not display any broken link or the page is not found.

    I really appreciate your help. [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help Page

    Automation does not necessarily need to copy the manual actions. Can you get the whole doc from the help file? If so, you can do a search by code. e.g. Instr()



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