I am looking for a way to associate all my qfl files with qtpscript editor, but it looks like ScriptEditor.exe does not support commond line the way QTReport.exe does to open the Result file.

my requirement is.

I have created a tool with a grid which will show you all .qfl files available in Quality Center.
user can select the file, and download (using .net CommonDialogControl) to a specific path.

Now i want to automate further, as soon as download gets completed, downloaded script should automatically open in QTP ScriptEditor.exe , user will update/modify that script and again upload using the tool designed by me.

I do get the status of download completion status, and the path where user have downloaded the qfl file.

I want to implement something like this.
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Function OpenQFL(qflPath)
objShell.Run "C:\QTPPath\ScriptEditor.exe " &amp; qflPath
End Function
</pre><hr />