I have a script that is going to access a vsflexgrid through descriptive programming. Im unsure on how to do this, im getting an error (ON STATEMENT 2 OF CODE) saying cannot verify the object.

I have 3 Statements of code, 2 of which work. One clicks a button on the screen, using descriptive programming. (Currently working)

The second tries using descriptive programming to access the vsflexgrid and save the cell value into a string xxxxxx. (not working)

The third i used the record option and added the object.testmatrix to get the cell value (Working)

Both 1 and 3 work, however 2 does not. Which leads me to believe there is something wrong with the way im describing the active x control, any ideas?

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> VbWindow("vbname:=MDIForm1.* ").VbWindow("vbname:=frmLocation").VbWindow("vbnam e:=frmGetTerritory").VbButton("nativeclass:=Thunde rRT6CommandButton", "vbname:=cmdSetTerritory").Click

xxxxxx = VbWindow("vbname:=MDIForm1.* ").VbWindow("vbname:=frmLocation").VbWindow("vbnam e:=frmGetTerritory").ActiveX("nativeclass:=VSFlexG rid8L", "acx_name:=ComponentOne FlexGrid 8.0 (Light)").Object.TextMatrix(row,col)

xxxxxx = VbWindow("MDIForm1_8").VbWindow("frmLocation").VbW indow("frmGetTerritory").ActiveX("ComponentOne FlexGrid").Object.TextMatrix(row,col) </pre><hr />