We are currently using a run-time configuration to test our flex based application. When trying to add a flex object to the object repository it can take up to 15 minutes during which time IE CPU usage is almost at %100.

We are using Flex 3, QTP 10, an application that is deployed on a linux box using apache and configured via a web interface using IE8 (the web interface is what is being tested).

Here is an example of the object hierarchy in the OR for an object that took approximately 15 minutes to add to the OR:

Browser("FlexApp").FlexApplication("app").FlexAppl ication("test.swf").FlexCanvas("query").FlexButton Bar("button_bar").FlexButton("Add")

Any thoughts or ideas on what may be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated as it is making setup of the OR very time consuming.

On a side note, if you use the record feature objects seem to be added to the OR very easily, it is only when you open the OR and attempt to add an object manually that you run into this issue. Also, this issue occurs both when you are adding objects to the OR and when you are using the Object Spy to find out information about an object.

Thanks in advance for you help.