I have developed few scripts using QTP 9.2 and saved them in QC 9.0

This was nearing 1 year back

When i gave the batch run every thing went fine at that time

Now the wierd thing is i am unable to run the same scripts now

The problem is these scripts will run if i give the same test for run again and again like out of 5 times i try the script will run once correctly

When i click on Run From QC its open's the test but its not running

Even a simple script with message box is not running i get this error "Error from QuickTest Professional: Failed to run the test or business component.."

and some times if the run is successful it will create one more test in the testset like [1]Test is the test that ran then after run it creates [2]Test

There is no issue with the script i believe either my QTP or QC or lack of space is creating problem

It would be really helpful to share with me if any one faced such problems and what is ur solution

Thanks & Regards,
Jeevan kumar.R