We are facing some issues while automating the Mainframe application with QTP.

The following are the version details…

· QTP 10.0

· IBM PCOM 4.1

· TE add-in has been selected and configured as following…

o Selected preconfigured settings as…

§ Vendor IBM


§ Auto Detect


1. QTP opened First: If I open QTP first and then trying to open the Main frame application, application is not at all opening. If I close QTP and open the application, it is immediately opening.

2. Application opened First: If I open application first and then QTP, both are opening fine. All the objects are getting identified (ex: TE window and TEScreen) and able to generate the recorded script but we are not able to execute the same recorded script and it is showing the error message “The testrun can’t be continued with the unrecoverable error” –“unspecified error”.
Please let me guide to solve these issues…..

Thanks for all your help in advance.