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    Calendar Java Web application

    Hi All

    I have image on java web application after I click image will show one calendar.and Now i have excel file with column A and row two with date and month and year.example as 05/12/2009 date/month/year.and now i click image and then show calendar with now month 6/2010.how can i code to click exactly on the calendar = data in my excel date file (05/12/2009).Anybody help me???.Thanks very much....

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    Re: Calendar Java Web application

    So your calendar object has only month and year, but the input passed has days as well.

    Extract only the months and year from the input string, multiple ways of doing it, look at 'Split' function.

    What is the code that is generated when you record on the calendar object?
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    Re: Calendar Java Web application

    and this is my code after record
    Browser("RPM").Page("RPM").Image("cal").FireEvent "onmouseover"

    and then show one calendar
    and I click day 16 of this month :
    Browser("Calendar").Page("Calendar").Link("16").Cl ick

    and then day 16 will show in textbox beside image ("cal") and textbox can't input or do anything only show day after i clicked in calendar.

    and I don't code how to QTP auto select data 05/12/2009 which data in my execl file although calendar is show this month this year.this mean of my questions.please show me .Thanks much [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Calendar Java Web application

    'If the date value is retrieved from datatable,

    strDate = datatable.value("ColName")
    dtVal = Split(strDate,"/")

    'dtVal will be an array of three elements.
    Assuming dtVal(1) is day, which need to be selected:

    Browser("Calendar").Page("Calendar").Link("16").Cl ick

    'Link("16") is object for the respective day, you need to find the property used in the object repository for this link.

    'Use SetToProperty to reset the obj value to the day that is to be set.

    Browser("Calendar").Page("Calendar").Link("16").Se tToProperty <PropName>, dtVal(1)

    'After the obj is changed to the required day, use the same code to select the day.

    Browser("Calendar").Page("Calendar").Link("16").Cl ick

    'Same steps needs to be done for year as well i assume depending on the obj recognition
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