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    Removing an attachment from QC with QTP

    Hello EVeryone,

    I try to use the code below but I am unable to delete the attachment from the current test. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Function RemoveQCAttachements(NameOfTheFile)
    var_count= QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments.NewList("").count
    For i= 1 to var_count

    If QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments.NewList("").Item(1) .Name =NameOfTheFile Then
    AttachmentID = QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments.NewList("").Item(1) .ID
    QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments.RemoveItem(Attachme ntID)
    End If

    End Function

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    Re: Removing an attachment from QC with QTP

    Put a message box inside the the if and see if you are reaching if condition or not. I guess you won't be



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