Hi all,

I am working in a web application where i have a page with captcha, as i know its hard to automate the captcha i simply wrote vbscript using dom, it asks to input value that is displayed in captcha , it then puts it into textbox and clicks on Ok button. But the trouble is it always says invalid captcha code. Could you please tell me what i'm missing? i verified it many times. The code i wrote is as below.

Set br=CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
c=InputBox ("Please enter value that is in captcha")
Set tb=br.Document.getElementById("Captcha")
Set b=br.Document.getElementById("button1")

The captcha validation of application says captcha text is wrong every time, And there are no syntax errors in script.
(My guess is i need to use Wscript.SendKeys "")