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    how to handle menu by automation?

    please find the code below for menu handling?

    On error resume next
    SiebApplication("oneView Client").SiebMenu("Menu").Select "Application\\Application"
    wait 2
    set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    wait 2
    WshShell.SendKeys "{DOWN}"
    wait 2
    WshShell.SendKeys "{ENTER}"
    set WshShell = Nothing
    wait 2
    stxt = ""
    stxt = GetActiveDailog()
    Environment.Value("ApplicationVersionName") = stxt
    If Browser("index:=" & intCnt).Dialog("micClass:=Dialog").Exist(10) Then
    Call FncClkButton("[ OK ] button")
    End If
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    Re: how to handle menu by automation?

    What is the issue?

    Do the menu objects expand when mouse moved over them?
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    Re: how to handle menu by automation?

    Hi SAM

    Please check below code for selecting menu button for quality center

    l = -1
    t = -1
    r = -1
    b = -1

    xx = Window("HP Quality Center 9.2").WinObject("Main Menu").GetTextLocation("Tests", l, t, r, b)
    If xx = true Then
    Window("HP Quality Center 9.2").WinObject("Main Menu").Click (l+r)/2,(t+b)/2
    End If
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